IMPORTANT TIP! Is it actually clogged?

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IMPORTANT TIP! Is it actually clogged?

One point I have meant to post but somehow never have before is important because it could save many people lots of frustrating hours trying to clean "clogged nozzles" that actually are not clogged! PLUS, of course, save them sending lots of expensive ink into the waste pad - or bottle (even compatible inks are still expensive, despite being relatively cheap compared to OEM ones).

So, "what's it all abaht, Alfie?" Wot iz E goin on abaht?

Consider this. Many perform regular nozzle checks (or not so regular from many postings about clearing clogged nozzles!) and seeing poor nozzle check printouts then go through many ink-wasting cleans, followed by disappointing nozzle checks after each clean, to then post queries on this forum about how best to resolve the problem.

Sounds logical, doesn't it! However, there may actually be no clogging at all. In other words, it could well be (as I have found over many years) that it is the nozzle check printout that is faulty, for some unknown reason (well, unknown to me and I'm not daft - well, not on a casual glance anyway).

Can I instead suggest the following procedure instead to try for a proper way to see if there really is any clogging. You will basically need a Purge File, containing - on an A4 sheet - vertical strips of the colours of the inks in your specific printer, generally available with the strips being about 1" wide and going down most of the A4 page. However, printing that is also wasteful of ink, so open the file (yes, I will say where to get some in a minute) in such as PhotoShop or whatever you use and crop so that you only have about 3" depth of the stripes (columns of colours) and save that as your purge file to use.

A good source of such files is the MIS website in USA.

They provide free download of a zip file with different purge files for different printers, so you can unzip and find one that has the necessary number of inks to suit your printer, so thanks is due to them for such a useful service.

Now, when you print the appropriate file (and clearly, you only need the one to suit your printer - or printers if you have more than one model with different numbers of inks) make sure you use the following settings via the Printer Properties dialogue box.

First, use A4 office type plain paper BUT set as though using a photo type paper, like say Epson Glossy. If an Epson printer, also make sure you select the type of quality as Best Photo. This way you are asking the printer to print the purge file as though wanting the highest photo quality on good photo glossy paper - even though you are only in fact using plain office paper.

Now, to summarise, I have found on many occasions printers that show poor, broken nozzle check printouts, even after several cleans, nozzle check printouts still show broken printouts, yet if the above alternative method is used, the printouts are perfect.

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