Welcome to DPReview

DPReview is a site run by and for photography enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide our readers with the most accurate and valuable information about the photography industry on the Internet, and we want you to be a part of the conversation. Below are some simple guidelines for how you can participate in our community:

How to contribute

If you enjoy what we do at DPReview, we encourage you to become a member of the site. There are a number of ways for DPReview members to get involved:

Engage with our community *

We host a large number of forums, divided up by topic. We hope that you’ll use them as a resource for information and advice, as well as a venue to contribute your own knowledge and expertise. You’re also welcome to review your favorite gear, and create polls, to survey other site users.

Vote and give feedback

You’ll find ‘like’ and ‘recommend’ buttons in various places on DPReview. We use this feedback to expose popular and useful content, both on DPReview’s homepage and in our forums. Help us to surface content you enjoy by letting us know how you feel about it. And please don’t hesitate to provide us with direct feedback — We use your feedback to create a better DPReview.

Comment on our stories

We publish several articles to our homepage every day, and you’ll find a comments thread underneath almost all of them. Comments are a great place to keep the conversation going.

Share your photos

If you want to illustrate a point, or you’re just looking for feedback on an image, we provide the option for you to embed images in forum posts, and upload your photos to your own personal gallery.

Enter our themed photo challenges

We host regular, community-led, themed photo challenges, and we encourage all members to enter their images and engage with other photographers within our community.

Community guidelines

Rule #1: Be nice. That’s it — there is no rule #2.

We’re committed to fostering a welcoming, valuable environment for our readers, in which photography-related stories and ideas can be discussed. While we welcome robust debate, we do require that you keep your contributions civil and constructive.

DPReview’s community is looked after by our in-house staff and a team of community moderators. We operate a multi-tiered moderation system, depending on the forum and type of content that we make available for discussion. If you see a post which you think breaks the rules outlined below, flag it.

How do I get banned from DPReview?

Hopefully you’ve read Rule #1 and you won’t. But just in case, here are some examples of behavior that we do not tolerate on DPReview. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • Consistently breaking Rule #1, above. If you’re not nice, and you keep on not being nice, and you don’t start being nice even after we ask you nicely, we’d rather you went somewhere else. This rule applies to posts directed at companies and brands as well as other DPReview members and groups.
  • Commercial / spam posting. In the spirit of encouraging discussion, it’s fine to post links to other websites. However, posting links to explicitly commercial sites may be considered spam. Occasionally posting links to your personal portfolio website(s) is fine, but doing so repeatedly, or without clear context, may also be considered spam if it impacts other users’ experience.
  • Going off-topic. Please make an effort to stay on-topic and don’t get drawn into discussions about unrelated topics.
  • Being a stuck record. Make your point and move on. Cross-posting the same thing in multiple threads, or re-stating your point of view ad infinitum just annoys other site users.
  • Using inappropriate titles or clickbait titles. Even if the content meets our standards, if the titles or hashtags are considered inappropriate, we will moderate accordingly.
  • Making multiple / spoof accounts. If we suspect that you are creating multiple accounts with mischievous intent, or using new accounts to masquerade as other members, we reserve the right to close them all.
  • Harassment. Don’t use comments, the forums, or direct messages to harass, abuse, or intimidate other users.
  • Posting personal information about other users. Posting other users’ full names, contact information, etc. is a bad idea, even if you have their permission. Doing so maliciously will result in your account being banned.
  • Using discriminatory language. We want to make DPReview a welcoming place for all members, and we take a hard line on any discriminatory language. “I only meant it as a joke” is not an excuse.
  • Violating intellectual property rights. You should only post content on DPReview that you own, or that you otherwise have rights to or are authorized to use on our site. Posting unauthorized content on DPReview is subject to takedown by the rights holder(s) to remove infringing content from our site and is a violation of our Conditions of Use.
  • Indecent / voyeuristic or offensive pictures. We have a zero tolerance policy on this and we err heavily on the side of caution. This is especially true when it comes to images of children.
  • Illegal activity. Posting links to illegal downloads, services, or sites which encourage other nefarious activity, or encouraging such activity on our platform is not OK.
  • Abusing our feedback / flagging system. You know what this means. Please don’t do it.

Note that the guidelines above refer to all user interactions on DPReview, which include not only the written content of comments and forum posts, but also private messages and the content (visual and/or textual) of uploaded or linked images. We aim to be as transparent as possible about our moderation practices and the reasons behind them, but it is not DPReview’s policy to discuss individual moderation decisions.

Image contribution guidelines

We have options for you — if you want to illustrate a point, or you’re just looking for feedback on an image, we provide the option for you to embed images in forum posts, and upload your photos to your own personal gallery.

  • Only post photos that you own. You own the content you post on DPReview or any affiliates (please refer to our terms for more information). That being said, please only post content that you created or personally own, meaning, don’t post content that is trademarked or copyrighted by someone other than you.
  • Ask before you edit or just don’t do it. Yes, images posted are public, but please be respectful of other user’s content. Do not edit or otherwise alter and repost another user’s content, without express permission from that user.
  • Only post content that is appropriate for a varied audience. Images posted to DPReview may be subject to an automated image moderation system as well as review from a moderator. While we all have our own definition of what is or isn’t “appropriate”, you should make sure posts do not include any content that contains the following (please note that this is not an exhaustive list):
    • Graphic nudity or sexual content
    • Graphic violence, death imagery, or gore
    • Self injury, mutilation, or harm
    • Offensive messaging or slogans

* A note on your content

When you post or upload content to DPReview you are voluntarily making that content public, as described in our terms and conditions. Neither dpreview.com nor its owners or webmaster are responsible for anything posted on these forums. Account closure requests will be honored, and if requested, we will delete your username and disassociate it from any historical content posted to DPReview. Please note that we cannot guarantee this process will remove your username entirely from historical forum posts, particularly in cases where your posts have been quoted by other users in the same thread. Requests to remove personal data contained within that content will be dealt with by our site administrators on a case by case basis.