December 7
Slideshow: The hilarious winners of the 2021 Comedy Pet Photography Awards

We've rounded up the winners and runner-ups for the 2021 Comedy Pet Photography Awards. Caution: Make sure you don't have any liquid in your mouth before proceeding to view this gallery.

Oppo teaser suggests it's developing a smartphone with a retractable-lens camera module

Based on the 15-second teaser video, the prototype pop-out module will offer a 50mm equivalent F2.4 lens in front of a 1/1.56-inch sensor. The module also appears to be water-resistant and at least somewhat drop-proof.

Nikon is licensing intoPIX's TicoRAW technology for 8K/60p Raw video in its Z9 camera

We now know how Nikon is getting 8K/60p Raw video from its Z9 mirrorless camera: through a partnership with intoPIX, whose TicoRAW technology enables resource-efficient Raw image compression.

This 16MP autofocus camera module for Raspberry Pi computers will take your DIY project to the next level

Raspberry Pi projects can be a fun, inexpensive way to create your own camera. A new camera module for Raspberry Pi includes a 16MP image sensor and offers autofocus. It's a big step up for Raspberry Pi.

Sony adds Animal Eye AF for video to its a7C, ZV-E10 cameras with 2.00 firmware update

The 2.00 firmware updates bring Animal Eye AF to video recording for two of Sony's compact camera systems: the full-frame a7C camera system and the ZV-E10 compact camera system.

Just published: More sample images from the Nikon Z9

We recently took delivery of a pre-production sample of the Nikon Z9, and we spent our time with it shooting as much as possible. We've just updated our previously-published gallery of samples with more than 50 new images taken in and around the Pacific Northwest. Click through to take a look.

December 6
Another one bites the dust: Sony suspends orders of its ZV-E10 camera, citing chip shortage

Two weeks after announcing it was cancelling orders for a number of its full-frame and APS-C mirrorless camera systems, Sony Japan has announced it's suspending orders for its ZV-E10 compact camera system.

Researchers shrink high-res color camera down to the size of a grain of salt

Researchers at Princeton University and the University of Washington have developed a micro camera that is about the size of a coarse grain of salt. Image quality surpasses previous micro camera designs due to the team combining metasurface technology and machine learning algorithms.

Vietnamese shop crafts brilliant wooden camera models with interchangeable lenses

The Wooden Model Design store in Vietnam crafts incredibly intricate cameras constructed of wood. In addition to looking nearly identical to their metal counterparts, the wooden cameras also have interchangeable wooden lenses.

DPReview TV's Best and Worst Gear Of 2021 (In pictures!)

Chris and Jordan spent a merry old evening listing the best and worst camera and photo gear they've reviewed this year. Now that the consequences of their revelry are kicking-in, they've prepared a more sober reflection on their assessments.

Drone technique: How to shoot 4K hyperlapse video on the DJI Air 2S

It's easy to capture hyperlapse videos with the DJI Air 2S, but there's still a bit of planning involved. In this article, we explain the four hyperlapse modes available on the Air 2S and walk you through everything you need to know to shoot your first hyperlapse sequence.

December 5
Review: Great Joy's new 60mm T2.9 1.33x anamorphic lens, 1.35x adapter offer squeezed shots on a budget

The Great Joy 60mm T2.9 offers full-frame users an affordable option for 1.33x anamorphic shooting, while the 1.35x adapter can squeeze that to 1.8x, or turn your regular spherical lenses anamorphic for an even more budget-friendly solution.

December 4
DPReview TV: Best and Worst photo/video gear 2021

It's that time of the year when Chris and Jordan look back on the year's best and worst releases of photo and video gear. As has become traditional, they've devised a drinking game to help ensure that their recollection ends up as hazy as the output of the worst lens...

December 3
Twitter bans posting photos of people without their explicit consent to do so

Pictures and video can not now be shared without the express consent of everyone who appears in them, according to new rules implemented by Twitter a day after its CEO, Jack Dorsey, stepped down.

Canon says it could take half a year for your EOS R3 order to ship

Canon has issued a notice to consumers announcing that due top ‘the impact of global parts supply,’ new orders of its EOS R3 mirrorless camera could take up to six months to land on your doorstep.

Film Friday: The film photography community has a math problem

Writing on, film photographer Matthew Wright shares a thoughtful essay on why many of the problems faced by film photographers actually come down to economics and mathematics.

December 2
Qualcomm reveals the three benefits it expects from its partnership with Sony Semiconductor Solutions

During its opening-night keynote presentation at its annual Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm laid out three specific advantages of co-developing a lab with Sony Semiconductor Solutions to push imaging technology further.

Slideshow: the Winner and Finalists for the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition

The winners and finalists for the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition have been announced, highlighting incredible wedding photography work from around the globe.

Have your say: Vote now for best prime lens of 2021

Prime lenses aren't what they used to be – while today's 'nifty fifties' are bigger, and typically more costly than their SLR-era forebears, they're also typically far more advanced. Meanwhile, specialized wide and tele primes and macro lenses just keep getting better and better. Vote now for your favorite prime lenses of 2021.

Have your say: Vote now for best zoom lens of 2021

2021 was a bad year for lots of things, but a very good year for new lenses. Within that category, some of the highest-performing optics of the year were zooms. Click through for your chance to vote on which zoom lenses were the best.

Have your say: Vote now for best camera of 2021

2021 has been another disrupted year, with global supply chain problems still a major factor in the availability of all consumer goods, including new camera equipment. But plenty of great cameras were released, and now it's your turn to vote for your favorites!

December 1
Video: Reviewing Canon’s PowerShot Pro1 'red ring' bridge camera 18 years later

Gordon Laing is back again, this time to take an in-depth look at the PowerShot Pro1, a third-generation bridge camera from Canon that featured a familiar red ring that would never again show up on a fixed-lens Canon camera.

Kodak now has a single-use camera pre-loaded with 27 frames of Tri-X 400 film

The single-use camera features a 30mm F10 dual-element lens and produces impressive results considering its more ephemeral nature.

You can now pre-order Sony's $9,000 Airpeak S1 professional drone

Sony has announced its first professional drone, the Airpeak S1, is now available to pre-order for $9,000. The first units are expected to ship out on December 24, 2021.

DPReview TV: USB power explained - what you need to know

There's an old adage about standards: the great thing about them is there are so many to choose from. That pretty accurately describes the state of USB power in 2021. In this video, Chris explains everything you need to know about USB power and how to use it.

Video: An incredible X-ray view of what goes on inside a zoom camera lens

Ben Krasnow, from the YouTube channel Applied Science, has used a homemade X-ray camera to capture a timelapse that shows what goes on inside a zoom camera lens as it goes through its focal length range.

November 30
Qualcomm announces new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset offers 18-bit triple-ISP design, can process up to 3.2 Gigapixels per second

Qualcomm is dropping the triple-digit naming scheme of its mobile chipsets and has kicked it all off with a mobile platform capable of processing 200MP stills, 8K HDR video and HDR10+ video on the fly.

Slideshow: Winners of the Hasselblad Masters 2021 competition

The winners of the 80th annual Hasselblad Masters photography competition were announced today. Here's a gallery featuring the winners from each of the categories.

The Library of Congress and Flickr want your help identifying Japanese Americans imprisoned during WWII

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, an executive order resulted in the imprisonment of 120,000 Japanese Americans, most of whom were American citizens. Some prisoners remain unidentified in the Library of Congress's photos, and it wants the public's help.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet captured nearly 250,000 photos during his second mission aboard the ISS

This year, we've shared a lot of photos and videos from French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. He was very busy during nearly 200 days aboard the International Space Station. He's since returned to Earth and Pesquet has a lot of awesome visual content to share.

Zhong Yi announces $600 Speedmaster 90mm F1.5 lens, a budget-friendly Leica Summilux M alternative

According to Zhong Yi Optics, the lens is designed to be a more budget-friendly version of Leica’s legendary Summicron M lens.

Laptop Review: Apple M1 Max MacBook Pro (2021) - Back with a vengeance

Apple's flagship M1 Max MacBook Pro offers a combination of performance, efficiency, build quality, and screen quality that you cannot find in any PC on the market, full stop.

November 29
Samyang announces three T1.3 'Meister' cine primes, 50mm T2.3 2x anamorphic lens

The lenses stand as Samyang's flagship XEEN cine lenses. All three 'Meister' primse are color-matched and feature nearly identical external specifications for easy hot-swapping of filters, follow focus systems and more.

A €120,000 Zeiss Ikon rifle and €1.2M Leica MP headlined the 39th Leitz Photographica Auction

Last month, we wrote about the upcoming 39th Leitz Photographica Auction. It has since finished, and there were some huge hammer prices for many items, including a rare Zeiss Ikon Contax rifle and a very are black Leica MP Black Paint No. 55 camera.

Venus Optics announces the Laowa 85mm F5.6 2x Ultra Macro APO, the world’s smallest 2x macro lens for FF mirrorless cameras

The lens offers a 2x magnification ratio in a compact form factor that weighs around 250g (9oz). It’s available for Canon RF, Leica M, Nikon Z and Sony E mount camera systems.

Review: The DJI Action 2 reimagines action camera design, but can't beat physics

The DJI Action 2 is an innovative action camera that captures great video and supports with a variety of magnetic accessories. Packing this much technology into such a tiny form factor is an impressive feat, but it comes at a cost. Read our review to get all the details.

November 28
Best gifts for photographers in 2021

Photographers can be notoriously difficult to shop for. Photo gear is expensive and we tend to be picky about our equipment. But we don't need you to buy us a new camera to keep us happy (although that would be nice). If you happen to be shopping for a photographer this season, consider these gift ideas.

November 27
DPReview TV: Sony a7 IV versus a7 III

The new Sony a7 IV offers a range of updates over the popular a7 III, but at a higher introductory price. Are the new features worth the cost of upgrading? In this week's episode of DPRTV, Chris and Jordan get to the bottom of what makes the two cameras different, and which might be right for you.

November 26
Film Friday: Solarcan Puck is a compact solargraph camera in a can the size of a burger

Solarcan has managed to dramatically shrink its Solarcan into an even smaller form factor. It’s not yet available to purchase, but you can get one via Solarcan’s Black Friday special.

TourBox Elite Bluetooth controller promises intuitive, customizable control

Following up on 2018's TourBox Bluetooth controller, the company is back with the new TourBox Elite. It features improved build quality, components, haptic feedback, Bluetooth technology and more.

OM System 20mm F1.4 Pro sample gallery (DPReview TV)

Chris from DPReview TV recently reviewed the first new OM System lens, the M.Zuiko 20mm F1.4 Pro. He found it to be a solid performer, but check out this sample gallery from his review to judge image quality for yourself.

November 25
2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on cameras, lenses and more

The holiday season is here and we've rounded up a collection of the best deals for photographers and videographers. This will be a living article that gets updated often, so be sure to check back to keep up with the latest offers.

Canon EOS R3 studio scene published

It's obviously been a banner year for high-end sports cameras, and now that we've got a final Canon EOS R3 in our offices, we've gone straight to our studio test scene to see what's what from Canon's latest 24MP stacked CMOS sensor.

November 24
DPReview TV: OM System 20mm F1.4 Pro review

The 20mm F1.4 Pro is the first M.Zuiko lens released under the new OM System brand. Does it live up to its heritage of Olympus Pro-series glass? Chris puts it to the test to find out.

Atomos adds 8K ProRes RAW Recording to Canon's EOS R5, 5.9K ProRes RAW to Panasonic's BS1H and more

AtomOS firmware version 10.71 adds a slew of new and improved shooting modes and features to Canon's EOS R5, Panasonic's boxy BS1H and six of Sony's FS series cinema cameras.

Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2021

This year, despite the disruption, plenty of amazing cameras, lenses, accessories and other products came through our doors. Now, as the year winds down, we're highlighting some of our standout products of the year. Check out the winners of the 2021 DPReview Awards!

Slideshow: Winners and Finalists of the 2021 Nature inFocus Photography contest

The winners and finalists for the 2021 Nature inFocus Photography contest have been announced. We've sorted through the winners and have rounded up our favorites in this gallery.

November 23
Sony stops production of all a7 II series and a6400 cameras due to chip shortages

Sony Japan has posted a notice on its website confirming that November 19, 2021 was the last day it accepted orders for its a7 II series, a6400 series and a6100 (black) camera systems, due to supply chain constraints.

Pixelmator Pro 2.3 released: New AI-powered Magic Background Eraser and Select Subject

Pixelmator Pro 2.3 is now available and includes major new AI-powered tools that have been in development for the past year, including tools to erase the background of an image and automatically select your subject.

3,200MP Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) camera undergoing final tests

The world's largest digital camera will be installed at the Vera Rubin Observatory in Chile next year. Before then, however, the camera must undergo final assembly and testing at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

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