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Re: What brand CP are you guys using? Mine gets stuck too!

Ecorone wrote:

What type of CP are you guys are using that gets stuck?

I have a Hoya Pro1 Digital 77mm MC PL-C (Made in Japan) that is very prone to sticking. It had gotten stuck on a B+W F-Pro 77mm Haze filter in the past and very recently the Hoya circular polarizer got stuck directly on my Canon 24-70 f/2.8L.

So I'm wondering whether this is a specific brand/model of polarizer that has this problem.

More importantly, I'm wondering what brands of CP's out there can reliably be removed because I'd love to buy one that doesn't give me 3 anxiety attacks per year.


Any brand or type of filter can stick.

Try a little graphite (pencil lead) on the threads. ground graphite is an ideal dry lubricant, and when I say a little, i mean a little, just on the threads.

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