D90 movie function is a game changer!!!

Started Aug 27, 2008 | Discussions thread
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this is how movie/film is shot:

for those who doesnt know, film or drama HD productions are shot with manual focus, regardless of the lens used. There's a guy called "focus puller" in charge of that.

there are expensive accesories for video HD cams to adapt 35mm stuff, but they invert the image, lose one stop, have factor multipliers and many other different issues.

for the very low price of the D90, indie filmmakers willl have a camera that shoots 5mins of 24fps 720p HD video, with the DOF of 35mm, that takes ANY 35mm without adapters (including all those 20+ year old F mount lenses that can be bought for nothing on ebay). Think about macro, fishlens, 300 f2.8, or any f1.2 DOF. This is a revolution.
And they'll get a very decent DSLR for stills on top of that.

also, due that the D90 having standard NTSC+PAL and HDMI out, you can attach a 7" LCD to the tripod/dolly where the camera stands, to help pulling focus if the camera 3" is not big enough (that's how it is done in hollywood, btw).

AS LONG AS the video compression is good enough, the D90 will be HUGE in this camp alone.

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