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Re: D80 Feel: Questions

I have been shooting with my new D80 here in New Zealand for three days now, (imported it from the states, saved 1k too). I love the feel of it. If I didn't know it was plastic I would swear it was some sort of alloy, until I tap my finger nails on it and hear that plastic sound. It has quite a solid feel to it really, with a nice weight as well not too light and definitely not too heavy. I have pretty large hands too, with my finger on the trigger my three fingers fit nicely on the grip, it’s a little narrow when I just grip it with all four fingers and my pinky is left twisting in the wind a bit, unless I squeeze my fingers together. Though it was like that for most of the cameras I trialed. I don’t consider this a problem after carrying it around all day I appreciate the lighter weight. If I had the battery grip I would be quite satisfied by the extra length for my pinky.

I had a play with the D200, D50, D70, Sony a100, Canon Rebel XT before buying the D80. A D200 this is not, the D200 was “The Daddy” compared to all the other cameras mentioned. The D200 weather seals and all up feel was impressive but at a huge extra cost. The D200 was a lot heavier and the metal body gave it a heftiness that only a metal body can, but side by side I still say the D80 is no slouch, and for the extra cost of the D200 I was able to get a nice bit of glass, and a few other extras. The D50 and canon XT and Sony alpha 100 all felt like toy’s compared to the D80, and the D70 was a little bigger though somehow not quite as solid/dense feeling kind of hollow/plastic, but better then all others besides D80/D200.

The abilities of the D80 and the extra mega pixels put the D80 over the top for me as I am printing on a 24 inch Epson in high resolution so I need big images. I am now getting comments like stunning to describe my picture output, and best of all I am finally seeing it myself in my own images. I am actually smiling when I review my days shooting.

I also felt that the new release D80 would have newer technology on board then the D200, even with the lower specs in some areas, so I was confident that it would be a good buy. I am not disappointed one bit. I have taken around 2500 shots in 3 days and am blown away by the quality and the improvement in my picture taking ability.

Hope this helps

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