D80 Feel: Questions

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Re: D80 Feel: Questions

like a user wrote:

My use of trade off wasn t derogatory the trade off is space to fit
it all on the body.

Yeah yeah man I getcha.

My main gripe with the 70 &50 was with the viewfinders . I spend a
lot of time looking thru viewfinders and I like it big and
contrasty if I can get it !

Funny, Im remembering the time I was using a Kodak with EVF and then looked into a D70 viewfinder for the first time - I thought that was big and bright!

That last flick of the eye all around the edge of the frame in
case something/ someone has come into the shot...... The bigger the
better. It s the main human camera "interface". buttons you can
re- learn and that "muscle memory" can take a while to go !

I had to relearn the "next photo" commands too. D80 - L&R, D70 Up&Down

The on
off is the opposite to what I m used to so I keep switching it off
! The viewfinder to me is everything....

The latest Kodak I have has the on-off on the reverse side of the shutter release! Thats right, it means I keep grabbing air with my index finger. I tell you that's one thing I'll never get used to.

Oh yeah the elephant story...The 200 2.8 I had on the front was
never quite the same again..

Ouch! Does it still make useable photos tho?

it s hard to get "built in " hoods circular again ! So Canon told me.
You ll like the 80 when you see the pics it can take.

Yech, not a fan of that, no offense hahahah. I look forward to "the 80"!

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