great camera

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beppe_it Junior Member • Posts: 35
great camera

awesome pictures up to iso 3200!!!!

you do not need a flash unless you want it to fill in. 

focus tack sharp, also with lateral focus points. 4.5 fps are more than enough for a pro-sumer,

wifi very, very useful!!


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Canon EOS 6D
20 megapixels • 3 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 17, 2012
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DotCom Editor Veteran Member • Posts: 6,993
Pretty amazing

Pretty amazing how so many absolutely trashed the camera as worthless when it first came out.

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Sophoto Junior Member • Posts: 33
Re: Pretty amazing

I have had my 6D for about 2 months now. I remember being underwhelmed with the specs when it was first announced. I then thought about the specs and realised it was almost the perfect camera for me. I only use the centre focus point, SD cards are cheap and it is an affordable entry into full frame for me.

So far it has not disappointed. It has taken a little to get used to the ergonomics coming from shooting the xxD range for years and the 7D.

It is now my main Portrait and Wedding camera.

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NancyP Veteran Member • Posts: 5,329
Re: Pretty amazing

I love mine. It is a great landscape and astrophotography camera. I keep my 60D for birds and macro. I never thought that the 6D was "under-spec'd", it merely had relatively simple entry level options - great for me, I didn't need anything fancy, just a nice sensor.

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panoviews Regular Member • Posts: 311
Re: Pretty amazing

One of the few negative points is the slow SD interface, because it isn't possible to take full HD video in RAW with Magic Lantern.

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Abu Mahendra Senior Member • Posts: 4,552
Re: Pretty amazing

I'd say awsome pictures to ISO 12,800. Put a fast lens on it, and the 6D essentially renders ISO concerns obsolete.

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OP beppe_it Junior Member • Posts: 35
Re: Pretty amazing

Last night I went to my daughter school xmas "show", a very low light situation, 130 pictures taken, only 5 out of focus and beautiful pictures with ISO@3200 . I will give to the school for free to make parents happy. with my old 50D I have never had, in the same place, so many good pictures.

It is worth every penny I spent for my 6D.

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