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Re: Flash unit for 6D II

kmonroe99 wrote:

Looking for recommendations for a flash unit for a 6D II with 24-105 lens. Used mostly for outdoor nature shots for mostly fill flash application. May use it for some portrait stuff. Not locked into just Canon units so 3rd party products are fine.

As above, more details - budget, size, weight, off-camera (RT) triggering ability etc etc.

A good cost effective option might be the Godox system - TT350-C if looking for something smaller, TT685-C if looking for a large powerful full-featured flash, or the Godox lithium powered rechargeable equivalents of these two if you have a larger budget. Godox also has a few different RT triggers that work very well.

Godox has a reasonable track record of providing regular firmware updates to cater for new model Canon bodies etc. If in the US, I think Adorama sells the Godox range under their own brand with local US support.

I have a Godox TT685-C + Godox X2T-C trigger for my 6D ii. I have not used it much but everything seems to work as intended, and the RT system works well. Cost wise - both units cost me around AU$220 (about US$145) compared to about AU$900 for the Canon 600 EX ii-RT + Canon RT trigger - so about ¼ of the price of Canon equivalents.

Godox also makes a range of studio portrait lights which I believe also work well with their RT triggers.


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