Suitable Mac Upgrade for Use w/ Photos and 60k photos

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Re: Suitable Mac Upgrade for Use w/ Photos and 60k photos - Got 16" MBP


Thanks everyone one on all the comments. I got the 16" MBP i9 with 2 TB SDD, 32 GB RAM. I've been playing with it for the last 3 days. Took some time to get the files over with. (Found the extra Apple USB C charging cord from my kids' work MBP does not transfer data fast 32GB/S, in fact slower than the USB-C to A back to USB-C for my portable Samsung SSD - 400 GB/S. Unfortunately, I found out when I was done.)

The speed is definitely fine, and has a nice screen. I've been correcting photos with Photos and has not crashed with the latests updates. (I had crashes idling with Amphetamine installed to keep the MB from sleeping. I removed it, I haven't crashed since. ) The only major pause is once editing a Live Photos's levels, it took some time to generate it with spinning spiral. I hope Photos stay stable.

I gave up on the MP, they are insane with the prices. Ie. CPU upgrades are in increments of $1000 and the current graphics cards in almost increments of $2400. SSD price was not too bad. It looks like a beautifully built machine. The money I saved, I can get the 65" LG OLED and still have money left over. Anyone want to buy an old Pioneer Plasma?

If I did not find an advantage of portability, I'd definitely would have gone with the iMacs. If I bought a desktop, within time, I would have replace my 2008 MB at some time.

Again, Thanks

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