Why Canon is Better than Sony

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Why Canon is Better than Sony

I've compared the Canon 5D Mark IV (and similar) to the Sony A7R III (and similar). Here is why I think Canon is a much better camera than Sony. In summary: It's a lot easier to take pictures with a Canon.

Let's take a look at the top of these cameras. This explains a lot:

When you look at the top of the Canon, you can see that there are controls for Exposure Mode (PASM), White Balance, Metering Pattern, Continuous/Single Drive, Continuous/Single Auto Focus, Flash Exposure Compensation, and ISO. And I can see all of those settings, even in total darkness. Oh, and there's a useless button called M-Fn. In decades of photography, I've never learned what an "M-Fn" is, so I never press that button.

Top side view of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Now let's take a look at the top of the Sony:

The top of this camera has Exposure Mode, and what looks like Exposure Comp. How do I set my metering pattern, or change White Balance, or drive mode, or any of those other things I can directly do on the Canon? Let's look at the back of the Sony, maybe they're there?

Back of the Sony A7R III

Huh. Looking at the top, I can make the Menu appear. And it looks like there's a Record button, which starts video recording? And I can start back-button Focus with AF-ON, and Lock Exposure with AEL. Ok, Sony gets a point here for labelling AE Lock as AEL instead of *, like Canon does.

Looks like there's a way to set drive mode and ISO by tapping that dial.

So how do you operate this camera? Well.... you've got two basic choices: Assign features you need to the C1 - C4 buttons. And maybe the Fn button. And if you can remember that C3 is Flash Exposure Compensation... Whoopie! Otherwise, you're going to hit that menu button.

Summary: The bottom line for me, at this point, is that this Sony design is not a usable camera design for me. I don't use Flash Exposure Comp very often, but when I do, I need it. I change drive and focus modes constantly. Most of the top-mounted settings are changed every time I shoot, often several times. For me, personally, I am not able to remember what each of those C1 through C4 settings will do. I assume I can assign White Balance to C1... but I won't be able to remember that as I'm shooting. That is why, for me, Canon is better than Sony.

About Sony's menu button: It's a great camera, but when you hit that Menu button, you're going to navigate through THIRTY-FIVE MENU PAGES. (My head is numb). That "Fn" button will help you, it tries to give you commonly-used settings, like so:

Um... This is still a pretty confusing menu. You can set DRO. Cool, I learned all about DRO when I studied photography. DRO is, uh... probably related to PP. It's in the chapter on the other weird icons. I can't make sense of this screen. Apparently it has a zebra stripes feature, which Canon doesn't have. Cool, I think.

Canon has a much cleaner rear panel:

Canon 5D Mark IV Rear

Lots of customizability, but seven well-labeled buttons on the left (apart from the one with the paintbrush). Another six buttons on the right, each is pretty well-labeled, except for Q and the top-right button, which is as useful to me as the Paintbrush and the M-Fn button.

The Canon has a Quick Menu; that's what the Q button is for:

You can completely customize the Q menu, although I guess the Sony can as well. These items are each adjustable using the touchscreen... tap on 1/125, and you can change the shutter speed. Touch Exposure Comp, you can change that, and so forth.

In summary, for me, I think Canon has a much more usable camera than Sony. I've used Canon cameras for many years, and I've gained a lot of experience with them. Nonetheless, I put most of the full feature set of my camera to use. I use nearly all of the labeled buttons on my Canon nearly every time I go out shooting. With Sony, there are no buttons for those features, and memorizing the customized button functions probably wouldn't work for me, without at least a year of experience. Look at the top of the Canon again... now imagine those four little buttons weren't labeled. Would you remember which one is the Drive Mode button?

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