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Premium Software Phone support, Classic Shell...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

It looks like you're in the U.K. If the default warranty plan is the same there as it is in the U.S., you get what Dell calls "Premium Phone Support" with a new XPS 8700 purchase with most configurations of it. That means that they will also help you with software issues (even if it's third party software) if you call them. So, that's great for someone migrating to a new machine and new Operating System that they are not familiar with.

IRT my last post, I just checked the current configurations for that model listed at Dell UK, and they do the same thing there (1 year standard warranty with next business day in home service after remote diagnostics with Premium Software Phone Support).

See the Warranty section in the XPS 8700 configurations available there, where all of the current configurations show 1 year NBD (Next Business Day) with Premium Phone Support.

If you click on the "Choose Options" (down arrow) button in the Warranty Section for any XPS 8700 config, you'll see the below image on the left side of the Warranty choices (1 year standard, 2 to 4 years optional) that shows they include Premium Software Phone Support (Software Assistance, Wireless and Printer Setup).

So, unless that wasn't offered as standard with the machine you bought for some odd reason (as it's standard with all XPS 8700 configs I see shown there now), I'd take advantage of the Premium Software Phone Support you got if you need help getting your software, printers, etc. working with the new machine.

Anyway, you probably just need the correct Epson R2400 drivers and utility software to get everything looking more like you're accustomed to (see my last post for details and links).

One more suggestion... If you bought a machine with Windows 8.x on it, you may want to consider installing Classic Shell so that it will look and behave more like previous generations of Windows (so you can avoid the new style start screen and new style applications and get a traditional style start menu back again. Get it here (free):

Some discussion about it here explaining how it works (and that you can still use the new style apps if desired with it installed):

What I see as standard with all XPS 8700 cbnfigs at Dell UK now (1 year Warranty with Premium Software Phone Support is standard with them, with longer than 1 year available as options)

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