Got some NX1 info.

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Raw Jaw
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Re: FF possible?

Ashuaria Lee wrote:

Raw Jaw wrote:

dka91 wrote:

Hmm Viking, so from your implications is full frame possible with the NX mount then?

Want full frame? Go Nikon. Don 't wait for the wheel to be reinvented.

I came to NX from Nikon and am very happy here for my needs at the NX price point, NX IQ, and weight savings, plus WiFi, etc.,etc.

dka91, Go Nikon? Nikon1 is not FullFrame(36x24mm)...

And BTW the only FullFrame mirrorless comes from Sony not Nikon.

FF and Mirrorless are two separate issues in this thread.

Nikon D800 series is FF.

Yes, for FF go Nikon.  Canon has AF issues and Sony always abandons  a camera after a while.

This thread involves mounts and sensor size, not the Mirrorless side of things.

Samsung would be foolish to go FF imo.

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