Warning to EM-1 users :sunshine into EVF can create indeletable blotches, as confirmed by Olympus.

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joergzielosko wrote:

rscott wrote:

Yes that is optics, but if I leave my camera on a tripod with the sun in the frame I don't end up with a burn on the sensor chip.....

You surely tested that with your camera?

You know that the sun's energy reaches the atmosphere with 1.367 kW/m² (solar constant)?

In central Europe (no we are not the sunniest place in the world!) about 700 W/m² get to the earth's surface, that is 70 mW/cm² (the eyepiece may be about 1 cm² large). 70 mW doesn't sound as high energy, but I can imagine that when focused to a very small surface (read: point), it may destroy some pixels of the 0.48 inch / 1.2 cm LCD panel within a few seconds.

Note that the front element of most lenses is considerably larger than 1 cm² (think of lenses with 72 mm filter size). You can easily calculate the energy hitting your camera's sensor, and imagine what happens when the sun is focused to a very small surface...

So I must not include the sun in any of my photos, especially time lapse where the sun traces a line across the chip?

If that were the case every camera including the millions of ccd security cameras out there would have burnt sensors.

Sorry if I sound blunt but I'm not happy this has happened and will provide followup once Olympus have repaired the camera.

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