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Re: Sutter Shock? Pictures from the holy land.

GTOz wrote:

That looks like Canberra - if so definitely no Holy Land. No chance of a Messiah arising from there, despite the aspirations of many. Our present Great Leader, formerly known as the "Mad Monk", will have to satisfy himself with one of his own neo-knighthoods because the guy upstairs (or even the one in Rome) will certainly not be elevating him to a higher plane of holiness. Sorry to the non-Aussies for this digression.....

Re Shutter Shock: I have not experienced it as new to M4/3 with a GM1 only at present. However the evidence as presented on this forum and many other places seems convincing enough to me. The logic that it cannot exist just because you have not experienced it is far less convincing.


GT, Short 'n sour is some alternative? Crikey ... </digression>

An apparently tiny minority seem to shake, rattle and roll.  The pictures tell the story.  Yes I'll whack on the 1.3 FW some time, why not, if it makes the EM-1 even smoother? 
Of course the camera must move, physics demands it, but  1/5 of a gram of moving mass vs 1.2kg mass of the EM-1, 12-40, grip and manfrotto QR (always there) will not move it much.

It appears to me much more like a poor handholding issue which Olympus seem to be keen to assist with, to their credit.

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