I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture

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Re: I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture

Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson wrote:

I'm thinking about the Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 - I would appreciate to hear from owners and to see some shots. Are you happy with this lens, general handling etc... (I have the GX7 so I don't want the Olympus 12-24, though it is undoubtedly great..)

What I like about the 12-35 is the versatility (landscape, architecture, environmental portraits, etc...)

The Pana 7-14 and Oly 9-18 are too wide for my tastes, maybe later...

Then it's the Olympus 12 f/2... that's a lens that interests me...

Any thoughts, advice, ideas?

As you can see from my gear list I have the GX7, the Panasonic 20 f/17 ll, the Panasonic Leica 25 f/1.4 and the Panasonic 14-140 f/3.5-5.6 ll.

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You must make two distinctions: wide versus ultra-wide and single focal length versus multiple focal length or "zoom" lenses.

The Olympus 12mm has the advantage of being a single focal length lens. Learning to shoot with a single FL is good photographic practice. It disciplines your eye. A 12mm perspective - 24mm equivalent is excellent for architecture in particular, and landscape, cityscape shots as well. For architecture the biggest consideration is barrel distortion. The 12/2 has very little distortion and it is corrected by software. Like all wide angle lenses, the 12mm will require you to learn how to frame landscape/cityscape shots effectively, but it is easier to use well and more versatile than an ultra wide angle lens. It is also smaller and lighter than zoom lenses.

The other choice s the Panasonic 7-14--an amazingly sharp lens. However, it is a zoom and while that gives you more versatility, it is harder tp learn well. It has two advantages for you. It is a Panasonic lens and you are shooting it on a Panasonic body (CA is corrected) and at 12mm it is a sharper than the Olympus. See this report:


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