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Re: Jumping ship?

Dheorl wrote:

marike6 wrote:

So judging by these recent threads, half the m43 are jumping ship for the RX10 and half are jumping ship for the A7.

Is this the end of m43? Kind of sad for all those nice m43 primes going to waste for the shiny Sony cameras. But judging by all these answers in this thread, m43 is even overkill. People just want snaps and convenience. So all the small size vs DSLR arguments I've had were really BS. It's not small size, or low weight but convenience with sort of decent IQ up to ISO 800. At least now I understand.

I don't think I've taken a "snap" since I was 16. I do however regularly want to go to extreme environments to take photos and normally use 24-200mm range. I really can't see why you think as you do with regards to a very slightly smaller sensor being completely pointless.

I don't think 1" is pointless at all.  You misunderstand.  The OP said specifically that the RX10 should be of particular interest to m43 users.  And as a m43 user you know that an overwhelming majority of m43 users value small size, low weight in a system.  Many people are interested in bridge cameras, that doesn't mean bridge cameras have relevance to m43 any more than they do to APS-C or FF users.

As for 1" sensor cameras I've owned 3: the RX100, Nikon V1 and Nikon J1.  They are all excellent in their own way.  But the RX100 I could put in my pocket, it has an f/1.8 decently fast lens at the wide angle and it was only $650.  The Nikon V1 I could mount any lens from ultra wide angle zoom, a fast 50 f/1.8 to a 100-300 type zoom.  And it offers the very best AF performance of any MILC I've ever used with DSLR style PDAF tracking.

If I had a fixed 24-200 f/2.8 on a Nikon 1 or Sony RX10, it might be OK, but it's not all that exciting for the things I like to shoot. And definitely a 2 lb version for $1400 is not something I'd run out and buy. I don't shoot sports and but when I used to I always used a DSLR. Now I prefer large aperture primes and I have a FF DSLR with a bag of lenses.  When I want to travel light or shoot on the street of Manhattan or in Europe, my preference is for a small m43 or Fujifilm mirrorless camera.  $1400 buys a lot of good primes and a decent large sensor camera.  YMMV.

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