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Re: Why should the RX10 be interesting...

marike6 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

marike6 wrote:

I have no problem with the Sony RX10 (other than the price which seems high for a bridge camera). The point is was trying to make is: why should an almost 2 lb camera (heavier than virtually every APS-C / m43 mirrorless, and most mid-range DSLRs) be of interest to m43 users?

It's because this camera has just opened up a new point on the sensor size / capability spectrum, and that point is directly adjacent to M43. Before the 1" sensor cameras were introduced, there was a huge gap between M43 and "compact" cameras. Now the 1" sensors provide a new choice for those who don't quite need the capabilities of the M43 system but who aren't satisfied with small-sensor compacts.

Nikon 1 cameras were already competitive with the 12 mp m43 cameras. But that doesn't mean they or the RX100 or RX10 can completely replace a larger sensor cameras. For some maybe. The question was "why should RX10 be interesting to m43 users?". So your answer is because some m43 don't even need the capabilities of m43 cameras?

So I suppose after everyone here buys the RX10, your next post will contend that the new Panasonic FZ300 Bridge camera with a 2/3" sensor is interesting to Sony 1" users. Why? Because Sony RX10 users don't really need the RX10.

I guess by the end of 2015, all m43 users will be using smartphone cameras because that's "all they need".

As i said everyone has a different point on the size vs quality scale they're willing to settle at. M43 that can offer the same quality and range as the RX10 will be able to is often still to big for me to take with me aa lot of the time (or missing other factors such as weather sealing). I wouldn't want to go much lower on that scale though.

Just as M43 users have decided they don't need FF or APS-C capabilities, some of the people who choose the RX10 will do so because they decide they don't need M43 capabilities.

So the $1400 RX10 is interesting because m43 cameras are overkill for the majority of users here?

Wow. That's just sad. I've seen some extremely high quality images here and I know that they are tons of m43 users here who care about the craft of photography and what you have just said is just sad.

And I'm sure most of those wonderful images would have looked just as wonderful taken with the Sony. Do you think no owner of an RX10 can take a good image because if you do that's just sad.

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