Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

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Continuation of my Nikon D4 assymetrical AF saga Part III

Part I:

Part II:

Hi all. I'm back with updates after a 3rd trip to tokyo. In fact since Part II, I've been to Nikon Japan another 2 times.

The 2nd time was just this april and I managed to speak to an NPS Global Officer who seemed very prepared for my case. He spoke very good english (lived in america many years) and seemed to be eager to help. This NPS Global Officer admitted that he uses a D4 for hobby time to time and agrees that it takes some "time to get used to it" as compared to the D3S. Nothing too conclusive in that discussion but he agreed to liaise with Singapore to resolve the problem.

However when I was back in town here in Singapore, I received this e-mail (excerpt) from Nikon Singapore:


I have received directive from Tokyo to address your concerns.

We share your concerns and sincerely apologise for the service standard you endured.

Service requested to address this issue was handled in accordance with standard Nikon repair policies, and investigations from all the various stakeholders involved have revealed that your D4 is in-standard.

Please be assured that further adjustments to your camera are not necessary and you may continue using it without further concerns.

As for service or repairs after the warranty period, we at Nikon Singapore will handle your camera according to Nikon's after-sales policies.


Basically Nikon Japan does not admit and seems to have zero interest in admitting any issues with the Nikon D4 AND the Nikon D800, although it has been said and widely discussed about the honesty and press conference at Photokina, I believe Nikon Japan's attitude remains sorely unchanged.

This was confirm upon my last and most recent visit to Tokyo.

I met again with Mr Ya****** from Part I. This time our meeting was not so friendly as with the previous meetings (with him or his colleagues) and my tone has changed slightly due to the much discounted patience after almost a year of struggling (I did share a joke or 2 at the end of the aggressive portion of the meeting... I'm not a monster, just a customer). Nontheless it was a very interesting meeting. Points below for easy reading;

1. Nikon does not acknowledge the problem with either the D4 or D800.

2. The issue although supposedly "rectified" for the D800, is actually seen as an enhancement for customers who feel that the original calibration does not work for them. Exactly the same type of talk we received regarding the greenish screens.

3. Nikon Customer Satisfaction department does scout the internet and unlike popular belief, they DO read english photo forums. I discovered this due to being questioned about a japanese privacy mistake I made in the first thread (part I).

4. Nikon Japan is, according to Mr Ya******'s explanation about the business hierarchy of Nikon & it's subsidiaries, not responsible for warranty/repair terms of cameras sold outside of Japan. Does this hierarchy protect Nikon Japan from repercussions that may surface due to manufacturing defects? I do not have any solid knowledge or answer yet.

5. Nikon Hong Kong was introduced to me again as the to-go-to-party to resolve my D4 problems. I have described this to Nikon in a statement that this is nothing but sumo-wrestly between Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Singapore. I believe alot of blame pushing has been going on behind the scenes.

6. According to Mr Ya******, Nikon Hong Kong will contact me, but it has been more than 7 working days & response has been received.

7. I have e-mailed Mr Kimura Makoto once more regarding the issue.

8. I have posted on Nikon Hong Kong's Facebook wall regarding point 7., asking for their response (in both English & Chinese).

Just to share, the issue has already damaged my reputation as a consumer and for the first time in my life I've walked into a photo store in town and get asked why I'm not buying anything and that they've heard serious things about me from Nikon Singapore. Very humiliating.

On the other hand Nikon Singapore had agreed to provide 6 mths local warranty beyond 1 year of Malaysian warranty for the D4. I initially agreed to close this case due to this gesture but several new discoveries has spurred me on to take this to the next level of action.

On a lighter note, I'd like to share a nice picture I took at Tsukiji Market (Tsukiji Shijo) on the same trip and using that same very problematic D4... If you want to get in do always queue latest by 4 am-ish.

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