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Richard wrote:

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Richard wrote:

But what I am also saying is if the hard drive led on your system is not solid and is flashing dark then it is not loading info off the hard drive, the computer is doing something at that time so the SSD no matter what speed will not make the computer faster. Let me do my test and I will get back with you.

Ok. do your test and let me know.

By the way, i did a clean install of Win7 and upgraded the drivers and bios and diactivated many services or startup apps and i didn't install much applications yet, and yet it doesn't boot fast as that Samsung video link, and i see that Samsung loading applications fine, so maybe he didn't disabled many thinga, maybe he overclocked his laptop.

I feel that the chipset in my laptop isn't compatible with Intel Rapid system, and maybe my processor is first or 2nd gen of i7 and not modified for faster response, i can wait and see what you will find with your laptop.

The previous video I loaded up, it took 11 seconds to boot from the starting windows logo.

After disabling everything I got 10 seconds,

After reinstall with new OS I got down to 9 seconds.

The link you provided, that laptop would do 6 seconds. I was never able to achieve that number, The HP bios does not allow you to disable things like network wireless, bluetooth. So when I installed the new OS all that stuff showed up in device manager.

But I looked around at other Samsung 7 computers with the samsung 830 SSD drive and they did not boot even close to 6 seconds. So either the video is sped up, the computer is overclocked as you suggested (which I did find that it was possible) or the bios allows him to disable hardware components and he disabled software components. But no matter, none of the situations above would I do to make my system fast on a laptop, I need the drivers/software to load so everything works (I have overclocked my desktop which works pretty well. On a laptop, the fan and air flow is the limiting factor)

If we go back to your original question. You said you had a hybryd drive, just keep it, for most people it will work great. If you have to get an SSD, get a bigger one 240-256 (they are faster) and look for the IOP ratings but I don't think any SSD is going to get you to a 6sec boot time. For all the garbage I have loaded onto my laptop I am ok with it booting a few seconds slower. I have been looking at windows 8 boot times and they seem to be faster but again, I like my system useful with everything enabled and I don't like the win8 metro that much. Good luck to you selecting a new SSD. The Samsung looks like a fast unit.

I have Samsung 840 Pro SSD already on my laptop, but never as fast as that video.

Can you post your laptop boot time video? I would like to see how fast is yours comparing to mine, I have a feeling that my laptop is an old model and i need a new latest generation to accomplish a better performance of everything including the SSD.

I will keep that Hybrid drive for sure, but i will never go back to Hybrid as long i have SSD.

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