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Re: Aperture mode with minimum shutter

jkrumm wrote:

I had a "duh" moment when thinking about this, realizing that for me all I really need is to be able to set a minimum shutter speed in A mode with auto-iso, as I think you can with some other brands. This would allow me to take a walk in the woods with my family and dogs, set the shuttter to 250 or so minimum, put the aperture where I want it, and use exposure comp as needed. As it is now in A mode shutter speed will drop too low for some movement. When bird shooting I could set the shutter to 800 or more and do the same. The shutter could float higher but not lower. Kind of an A(s) mode.

On the E-M5 you can go into the flash settings and set the Slow limit (max is 250). This would affect the minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. But it is a very combersome way of acheiving what you would get in an shutter + aperture priority mode.

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