Why Are Larger Pixels on Camera Sensors Better?

Started Aug 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
Leon Wittwer Forum Pro • Posts: 13,243
Re: More pixels are better

BobSC wrote:

Instead, they did something completely opposite industry norms and consumer expectations -- the reduced the pixel count.

Unless you can provide some reasonable alternative hypothesis, I think the only logical conclusion is that Canon reduced the pixel count because it improved image quality -- why else would they do it?

Canon may have been doing a marketing experiment to see if there was some marketing potential in limiting the pixel count. Since many believe, correct or not, that fewer pixels would be better, maybe that would translate into sales. Of course, the imager cost may have been less but that would be just a bonus. Regarding sacrificing image quality, that would only significantly occur it a shooter wanted a sufficiently large print where more pixels (and more resolution) were actually needed. I do have a G11 and with decent light, I can get a good 8x10 or 11x14 print.

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