CISS for the HP B9180

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Tom Monego Senior Member • Posts: 2,944
Re: I have the CISS for B9180


I have pulled out 5cc too from "empty" carts. Sounds wasteful but you have to realize that in a system that has tubes going to the heads you need enough ink to keep those tubes from getting air in them. So you have enough ink to keep the tubes covered. Whether HP calculates that leftover ink, so that you have 27ccs to use, I'm not going to sacrifice a $30+ cartridge to find out.

There is a caution about refilling this type of ink cartridge too. Try not to disturb the rubber seal that gets punctured when inserting the cart. These wear out and can leak. This was somewhat of a problem with the early Epson 7000, 9000 where the ink couldn't be called archival by any definition and many users changed ink sets to get longer lived prints. At first folks refilled the carts and leakage was a problem so most of use went to big CIS systems.


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