[pics] SD10 vs. 20d sample

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Re: never ending dispute

pyatak wrote:

SigmaSD9 wrote:

Which is more accurate? Who cares, the point is that there is a

now that is the funny answer. to determine which lens have which
tint you should care which one of pictures is more accurate...

Which lens is more accurate isn't/wasn't the question, the

well all i've tried to say is that you cannot determine which lens
have color tint if you didn't saw original scene. you insisted that
sd10 pic has yellow tint despite author statement that it has
correct colors.

comparision was presented between cameras. The cameras are seeing

two significantly different pictures, so you can't draw a

yes i vote for fair comparison with both hands! and i even have
some thoughts on how to do it. we should use exactly same lens,
not just same type lens. i'm in process of converting kenko 12mm
extension tube from eos to sa mount so we can use the same canon
50/1.4 lens on both 20d (with kenko 12mm tube) and sd10 (with
converted tube). this way lens should not affect our comparison (we
don't need infinity focus for this anyway). what do you think?

Sounds fine, or you could use the Sigma 50 EX for both.

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