Why did you print those photos?

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Why did you print those photos?

As I slowly progress in photography and having recently learned about archival/fine art printing, I've been more curious about proper photography prints.

Which has led to me wondering what makes people print the (usually) small subset of photos they print, out of the hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands+ they might take in a year. Would you be interested in posting:

1. Photos of your prints (actual photos of the completed physical prints, not the photo used for the print) - or your favourite select few, if you have many more than 5

2. Description of why you chose these photos for print - any stories behind them?

3. Why you chose the specific medium - canvas, aluminium, fine art photography paper?

I'd prefer if quoting including photos were kept to a minimum since it can get the flat view really long - I will try show my appreciation of your work and response with the like button 

I'll start with my rather low quality stuff - I got my first DSLR (Canon 1100D/Rebel T3 with kit lenses) about 6 yrs ago. In the early days I saw some discount canvas deals from one of those online print places that do quick photobook, calendar, woodblock etc stuff (not a high quality photography print place at all).. So got a couple canvas prints done with shots I felt I got lucky with, with the minimal print knowledge I had at that time. They're still in the plastic wrap they came in, and the sections where the plastic has a rip or holes I can see some yellowing and fading..

A fur seal pup on A3 canvas - I got the 1100D as I began the fieldwork for my university research (biology) and this is a seal from the seal colony I was studying. Its one of the very few seal photos I managed to take at eye-level, since most of my fieldwork was done looking down at the colony from a clifftop! Seals don't smell very nice but the pups are adorable.

Snowy mountain on A2 canvas -  my university ski club had a lodge on this mountain, that you had to hike 30 - 45 minutes to get to. Spent many weekends here over many years, lots of good snow, fond memories and amazing scenery! This was a photo taken in 2015 - unfortunately for the first time in over 50+years, this year the mountain didn't even get enough snow to open for skiing

Dog on 10x15cms (4x6in) laminate woodblock - She had been my work partner for just over a year (sniffer dog, I was her 4th handler) at the beginning of the year. And Covid happened and there was no more work for us... Halfway through the year she was retired to her previous full-time handler in a different city (I'm not in a suitable living arrangement to have a dog). Around the same time couple of my colleagues had their non-retiring dogs being returned to another city so I made small woodblock prints of their dogs as gifts (small and relatively cheap), and got myself one too.

6 months ago I upgraded to a 80D but haven't managed to print anything from it yet - biding my time and learning more so I can actually invest in some quality print from now on!

I'd love to see everyone else's photos and stories, if you care to share

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Re: Why did you print those photos?

During lockdown I decided to try some phone photography and have a little fun with my partner of 22 years and do some boudoir type stuff. 
 I then decided to see how they looked printed A4 and mounted in frames .

I used a canon inkjet printer and gloss paper .

Just before mounting in frames

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Re: Why did you print those photos?

Most all of the photos I shoot are of people that are special to me at special places or events.  The challenge, which I enjoy, is trying to make them interesting photos in there own right rather than just snap shots.  Printing out and sharing the photos, some times years later, is a lot of fun, especially when I can get a reaction out of the subject.

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Prints are a different experience from on-screen viewing

I often make prints simply because I enjoy looking at paper prints as a rather different experience from viewing on screen.  I never (almost never) print larger than A4 because the smaller prints are easier to handle and take up less space.  A few get mounted but most are on display more temporarily and get changed from time to time.

The door of my fridge gets used for whatever photos interest me most at any given time.  It is easy to change them as frequently or as infrequently as I like.  It's also a very convenient place to view them over a cup of coffee.  The photos on my fridge at the moment have all been very heavily processed to convert the colours to pastel shades.  Not exactly typical!

The photos above were all printed on glossy photo paper, but I more often use matt papers, my favourite being Canson Rag Photographique.  It is rather expensive, however, so doesn't get used all the time.

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