What I have to do?

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What I have to do?

I own it and use it for a while since they coming out from the market then the shutter door is broken now a day. What I have to do with it? I own a lot of camera and never happen like that before. Then I go around to included check on you tube also. I found the one happen the same like me also. Hope it has a defected on the shutter door for this model on it. Actually I really like this camera the photos coming out is awesome and the style also. But the shutter door is broken. Exactly My one the shutter door is happen the same like this youtube showing up. Hope this model has defected problem like that also.


That is my experience with it.  I want to find out the people who have this kind of problem the same like I have also who own this Model OMD EM 10.

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Re: What I have to do?

Sorry to hear about your camera's problem. I think you should just contact Olympus and find out what it would cost to have it fixed.

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