As good as a proprietary lens for less

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Parry Johnson
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As good as a proprietary lens for less

When I bought this lens about three years ago for my Nikon DX cameras, I had already used and loved the Tamron 17-50 f2.8 non-VC. In fact, that other lens was just as sharp as the Nikkor 17-50 f2.8 and about 1/3 the price when I bought it in 2006. I had expected similar results from the VC version, and I wasn't "really" disappointed. No, it's not quite as sharp, but in normal shooting situations, you can't tell the difference. It's a bit bulkier (67 vs 62mm filter thread, for example), so that meant I had to buy a new circular polarizer (and they're not cheap, either, if you want a good one).

Focusing speed and sound improved greatly, too. It's still not fast, but not so slow that it's annoying -- that happened at times with the non-VC version.

However, the VC vibration control feature is reason alone to put it one step above the previous version. Don't expect four stops -- three is pushing it most times, but it does work; and at the time it was the only VC/VR offering available for a lens in this range. Perhaps Sigma improved their 17-50 OC, but again, for the price this lens can't be beat.

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