excellent camera

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excellent camera

I own Canon EOS 550D for two and a half years and I am very pleased with it. Before that, I used Olympus C-770 UZ some three years and fired thousands of pictures with it. However, browsing the other day photos on computer from both devices, although Canon is much more powerful, and Olympus walked slowly into oblivion, I concluded that the C-770 with the quality of photos may still have to offer a lot.

Photos of nature taken by the daylight are vibrant, with vivid colors. I can say that in these conditions are maybe even better than on Canon (although many aspects are simply not comparable). Images require very little post processing, are very sharp and with good saturation. 10x zoom system is also excellent, although for the magnification you should have a tripod because otherwise images turn out to be blurry.

Another aspect which I am very satisfied with is the excellent macro mode (it has a super macro mode that can take pictures as close as 3 cm to the subject!)

Photos are not so good in low-light conditions (dusk, closed spaces with little light), and focusing is hard in such difficult conditions.

The biggest problem is the very poor battery life (even with spare battery, both charged and relatively new, would be barely sufficient for one-day excursions). Both batteries are unfortunately depleted, and they are not able to fill up, and I do not know where I can get replacement (in this respect, I would prefer that instead of Li-ion battery it uses standard AA batteries, I think they are used in a previous models). All in all, the C-770 is in its rank excellent camera, with excellent workmanship and superior image quality (although in good lighting conditions)

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Henry Falkner
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Re: excellent camera

I owned the C-750UZ, which still used four AA cells. My understanding is that the C-770 focussed faster and did not show broad over-sharpening like the C-750 did.

Like you, I find that my C-750 pictures are priceless -

Although I kept my C-750UZ in use until 2007, I would hesitate to do a review about it NOW. You can no longer buy either the C-750 or the C-770. My SP-570UZ, although also now a historic relic - I bought mine in 2008, outclasses it in everything except size. The SP-570UZ is BIG.

Regarding battery life, Li-ions don't last forever. I saw somewhere an Olympus statement saying they are good for 300 charge/discharge cycles only. You might try and find new replacements for your C-770UZ batteries. Some of the third-party suppliers might still flog them.

Thinking of my past user reviews, they tend to be positive, taking into account what is available at that time. I also work around any shortcomings. But with some of my previous cameras, I get nostalgic about the pictures I took with them, not necessarily about the cameras themselves.


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OP thurup New Member • Posts: 2
Re: excellent camera

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I was reviewing somewhat forgotten photos taken with Olympus, I was really surprised how they actually still holding up despite time that passed. That is why I wrote the review, honestly speaking, out of nostalgia. And maybe you're right, maybe I'm nostalgic mostly for pictures and not just because of the camera.

PS. I was definitely surprised that I actually bought this camera in early 2005, so for almost nine years ago!

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Olympus C-770 UZ Canon EOS 550D Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
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