Casio QV-8000SX review

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Casio QV-8000SX review

I've had this camera since Dec 1999, so well over a year. It is my third digital and I did a lot of looking before I bought it. I wanted something with the moveable lens system (or a flip and twist LCD) and this camera seemed to offer the most for the money. I found it on the internet for just over $500.00 and the Nikon was still nearly twice that with less than half as much zoom! I don't print large pictures, so the reduced number of pixels is not a problem for me. The 8x zoom works very well and the macro (something I really use often) is spectacular -- focuses easily and precisely at just 1cm!!! Other features work well also, like timer and time lapse (the comparison charts says it doesn't have one but it does and it works great -- one shot a minute or on shot an hour up to the amount of memory you have in the camera). Another reviewer complained about a lack of Mac software, but that's also wrong ... you just have to pay $9.95 for the CD, but I've had is since Jan. 2000. I do agree with getting rechargeable batteries, but the poor fellow who complained about $40.00 at Radio Shack got taken -- I got four rechargeables and the charger at Radio Shack for about $17.95. Even bought an extra set and they last for about 400 shots with the flash before recharging, so hard to complain about that. I also like the thread barrel -- immediately bought polarizer and UV filter and they work great outdoors. Colors are very good, too. This is a really good all around camera, although the 2800 with more pixels is probably worth the price difference.


Well, yes, it has a few. The LCD is hard to see in bright light, but I bought a shield and I'm fairly satisfied with it. I guess the mail complaint would be lack of hotshoe, since the flash is not so good. The poor lighting setting (which lets you see things better on the LCD in a dark room) causes some awful blur if there is any incandescent lights ... in fact, I have several pictures where the combination of this setting and flash produced "ghost" images ... I can see right through someone standing or sitting on a sofa -- very bizarre. Of course, now there are slave flashes that don't have to plug into the camera (not quite sure how they work, but I was reading about them just last week), so that might solve the entire problem and make the low light setting totally unnecessary.
Just average print quality on images much larger than standard 4" x 6", but then again, how many photos do you print that size anyway? I guess if you use regular AA batteries instead of rechargeables you won't be happy for very long, that's for sure. Should have included a larger CF card -- I bought a 40MB and a 48MB and I'm much happier. Should include Mac software at no charge!!!!

Casio QV-8000SX
1 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 40 – 320 mm (8×)
Announced: Jul 20, 1999
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