Samsung Digimax 130 review

Started Jan 22, 2003 | User reviews
Desmond Downs New Member • Posts: 13
Samsung Digimax 130 review

My first digital camera , so far 1300 pictures , solid [ I dropped it in the first week - no problems yet] , very handy and easy to use. For the price , and at only 1,3 meg only very critical users can complain about picture quality.It also has a nice solid feel to it compared to some wierd looking cameras available.I would recommend it as a first time digital for average user but not to the "keen amateur"who may want more features and optical zoom.
see for pictures or email me for samples


It takes about 2 minutes to tell my computer to start the auto download wizard . My new panasonic lc5 communicates in about 5 seconds.[at 4 times the price mind you ] , but it still does the job and that is what counts.

Samsung Digimax 130
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Jan 1, 2002
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