Fujifilm FinePix M603 review

Started May 19, 2003 | User reviews
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Fujifilm FinePix M603 review

I got mine for £349 with the 16mb XD and 512mb MD !

This was value for money and swayed my decision, i didnt think i would buy this kind of camera but after 10mins testing it in my camera shop i was smitten.

With the settings on 6mp fine i have been very pleased with the image quality and on a couple of occasions bemused to tell the difference between it and my EOS10D !

My son leaping about taken without flash gave me a VERY pleasing sharp virtually noise free image.

The movies are of very high digicam quality so dont go comparing it to a DVcam becoz its not in that quality/price bracket, its just very very good for a digicam especially with such a FRate and Resolution.

This cam does everything its says it does so if you want a fun cam that does good movies and great pix for little cash then buy it , but it ya want HIGH quality then stump another grand for a EOS10D bearing in mind i only wanted a cam to take quik snaps of my almost crawing daughter i got alot more than i bargined for !!

Buy one today you wont be disapointed.

Buttons well layed out

Menu easy to use

Image quality brilliant @ this price !

MicroDrive is very fast @ storing images and movies (allmost instant)

Built well with near silent action (great for trainee CIA agents)

Handy extras (handle and screen hud)

Cam "Cradle" makes image transfer a doddle

Software disc is not needed with MS XP but is very easy to use anyway


A little bit awkward to hold but you get used to it.

Tobe really picky then i would say the build quality is a little shabby but its hardly noticable, allways got tobe a give and take and i think Fuji gave well.

Nothing else to say......It doesnt claim to be a EOS1D so if you expect more from it then you have bought the wrong camera

Fujifilm FinePix M603
3 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 76 mm (2×)
Announced: Sep 25, 2002
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