Ricoh Caplio RR1 review

Started Jun 20, 2003 | User reviews
Andrew L. Warden New Member • Posts: 2
Ricoh Caplio RR1 review

I purchased the RR1 six months ago after tracking down the seemingly last one available in Melbourne, Australia. I initially thought it expensive compared to other 4megapixel camera (I paid Aus$1200), but having said that, I am most impressed with it. I like the style and size of this individual looking camera.
The ease of use is excellent for both the novice and the knowledgable. I'm one of the former, which means I sometimes get out of my depth with the plethora of settings available.
Whenever I use the camera it quickly becomes a talking point of uniqueness and quality.
I am really happy with my choice despite the comments listed below. Well done Ricoh.


There are three areas to comment on:
a) The battery, which cannot be charged while in the camera ( I would have much preferred this to having to carry around a charger);
b) The shutter speed, which is really slow (If you remain aware of this it's okay!); and,
c) Downloading photographs using the software provided (Smartcard readers and USB ports will overcome this).

Ricoh Caplio RR1
4 megapixels • 2 screen • 35 – 105 mm (3×)
Announced: Nov 12, 2001
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