Samsung Digimax 130 review

Started Jun 26, 2003 | User reviews
Ricko New Member • Posts: 2
Samsung Digimax 130 review

I can't believe how others say that this camera is crap. Granted it's not something you would buy if you were serious about digital photography but as far as cheap digitals go, its superb. All I bought it for was to take general photos when I didn't have my regualr camera with me. The pciture quality is great (as far as cheap cameras go) and I have yet to see a bad photo yet. I think those that say the quality is no good, must have their finger over the lens!


The only problem is that I can't get the camera driver to work properly on Win XP as far transferring the photo's to the computer is concerned. It just doesn't work as it should so I've had to do it another way. Apart from that it's the best value cheap digital camera I have found.

Samsung Digimax 130
1 megapixels • 1.6 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Jan 1, 2002
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