HP Photosmart C215 review

Started Mar 24, 2004 | User reviews
Luvs Photography Forum Member • Posts: 67
HP Photosmart C215 review

Interesting camera. I've had this camera for a few years now. Bought it at Wal Mart on sale (I don't remember the purchase price). The camera takes good pictures but is rather tempermental. Eats batteries, and sometimes, the camera will not turn-on. The problem with making an unreliable entry level camera is, when people are ready to upgrade the tend to look to OTHER camera makers (hp should keep this in mind)!


1. Does not turn on sometimes.
2. Eats batteries at a ridiculous rate.

HP Photosmart C215
1 megapixels • 1.8 screen • 43 mm
Announced: Sep 20, 2000
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