Kodak DCS420 review

Started Mar 6, 2005 | User reviews
Wojciech Sawicki
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Kodak DCS420 review

First of all, this is a camera that requires at least an average IQ... There's a lot of hassle to get it working on a modern Win-XP system - the installation of ForceASPI, the installation of a SCSI controller and finding XP drivers for it, and finally, downloading XP drivers for the camera itself.

Someone who can't cope with this process will be disappointed, but once you get it done and it comes to life, this is a MAGNIFICENT camera. Resolution and image quality-wise it doesn't differ that much from a Nikon D1, and costs a tiny fraction of that cost!

It doesn't have an anti-aliasing (softening) filter, so its images are razor-sharp, at the expense on some color moire at hi-contrast details. However, even its current 14-megapixel successors still show that problem, so it's really nothing to complain about.

It's one heck of a great digital camera for a pathetic price, it's really worth all the installing hassle and rewards you with lovely images... I bought this thing DIRT CHEAP, and I'm absolutely amazed just how much of a professional, real, fully capable D-SLR it really is!

Conclusion: If you're not a pro, don't even bother with the D1 or the overpriced D70, as long as you know how to operate it, this is the D-SLR for you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


None whatsoever, this thing is as simple as a stick and just about unbreakable. The only problem i can think of is that it requires and infra-red filter - without it, everything that emits infrared rays or reflects those from the sun - goes pink. IR filters are expensive and hard to find - but it's no big deal at all, as a SINGLE CLICK in Photoshop (auto-color) fixes this problem easily in most cases. If not, you'll need two clicks

Kodak DCS420
2 megapixels • 1″ sensor
Announced: Mar 1, 1994
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