Canon PowerShot SD700 IS (Digital IXUS 800 IS / IXY Digital 800 IS) review

Started Aug 6, 2007 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot SD700 IS (Digital IXUS 800 IS / IXY Digital 800 IS) review

The camera is difficult to find new, but I located a demo version. I'm used to a full-featured DSLR/SLR plus a Canon S60 (which is still excellent).

I am very pleased with this camera. I was surprised that the "manual" mode was more a less-restricted auto mode and not the full-featured manual from my S60. That was my error in reading and interpreting the specs. Given that, I'm keeping the camera. The image quality at ISO400 is good enough for snaps and below that excellent for just about anything. You don't have the flexibility of RAW mode but the IQ is again good-enough that with care you can depend on the "jpg" output. Color is rich and saturated. The out-of-camera results are excellent. The reviews at dpreview rate this very highly and were a strong influence on my buying the SD700IS. I've been recommending it also highly based on this review - everyone including myself has very good things to say about the image quality, ease of use and extreme compactness. While I really miss the "tweaking" for my preferences, the limited configuration in "manual" (e.g. ability to select strobe mode and ISO) do provide enough control to mold the operation more to your preferences.

Startup speed is more than adequate. Auto focus lag seems very minimal and focus speed isn't nearly the bug-a-boo it used to be.

The IS works and is a boon to macro and tele work. You can crank out a bit more low-light performance also if you constrain ISO and disable strobe.

This won't replace my DSLR, but it has been a constant companion yielding excellent results.

Oh, for a 28mm equivalent WA offering in exactly this footprint. Please no more pixels. 6MP is awsome. Lets go for IQ, true active stabilization, and less ISO400 noise.


Spare batteries are scarce :-).

Canon PowerShot SD700 IS (Digital IXUS 800 IS / IXY Digital 800 IS)
6 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 35 – 140 mm (4×)
Announced: Feb 21, 2006
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