Olympus Stylus 740 (mju 740 Digital) review

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Olympus Stylus 740 (mju 740 Digital) review

I bought this camera with airmile reward points after my olympus d395 got broken when slamed in my rv door. Since it was 3.2 meg ,it was good to find the 740 with better zoom feature .I liked it when I took it out of the box ,charged the battery and tried it out .The zoom feature was a nice treartt after my old one.Being a holiday type photo taker (not pro) I found the pictures fine and dandy .I also liked the weather proof feature as just before the old camera got slammed in the door ,we were at the hotsprings taking pictures as the steam rose around us ..after we left we noticed the lcd kinda not looking so good ,and the pictures we took were real faded ..Certainly not the cameras fault .But the stylus 740 is weather proof ,and probably would be ok in that situation.


Now for my gripes..
The battery you get is rechargable and to buy a spare it costs $65.00 here in Alberta.(the old one used AA's ,and we have lots).
The camera is very sleek and can very easilly slip out of your hand (and has).
The worst thing is in sunlight ,not just bright sunlight ,any sunlight ,you can not see anything on the Lcd screen as it completly fades out .This camera does not have a peep hole so in sunlight we don't take pictures .or should I say "can't" take pictures ..it sure is frusterating . to hope to be pointing at the object,and as for guessing about focusing ...good luck ..
So I telephoned Olympus. I'm registered to own many Olympus cameras ,My first one a XA back in 1979 or so ,I fell in love with ,and bought only Olympus ever since.They told me to go buy a screen cover for game boy and put that over the LCD ,off to walmart I went as Olympus instructed,Walmart doesn't have them ..Some other place said they had somethinf for $27.00 .
At this point I e-mailed Olympus and they told me they could not supply me with a free screen cover as they don't make any ,and those who do are experts in the field and I should buy one from a big chain store . Still $27.00 .
That took the cake,I weas getting ready to take a 7 day motocycle trip and needed a camera ,I started looking for cameras and considered anything but Olympus.
I found a real great camera by kodak (easyshare Z710 ) .
I guess I just kept thinking Olympus was the greatest after my XA purcase (which I still own). Looking back I'm sure the cameras they produced were average at best ..Ill never own one again (except my XA)
My wife takes the 740 clubbing with her girlfreinds ,and it takes bar room photos great for her .She recharges the battery after each night out.

Olympus Stylus 740 (mju 740 Digital)
7 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 36 – 180 mm (5×)
Announced: Aug 24, 2006
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