Casio Exilim EX-V8 review

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Guy Parsons
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Casio Exilim EX-V8 review

Very useful camera, many features. Especially like the ability to load up to 999 own user defined Best Shot modes.

Image quality sufficient at all focal lengths and ISO settings for 4"x6" prints.

With care up to A3 (11"x16" approx) prints would be OK.

Lens seems best at mid to max tele, some corner softness at wide, but that's pixel peeping. OK on 4"x6" prints.

Stick to ISO 50 if wanting large prints of say 8"x11" or 11"x16" size.

Exceptionally quiet to use, turn off the beeps and in a quiet church nobody will notice that you are shooting.

Flash is better than expected for such a small unit. Stick to Auto ISO with flash.

Very fast turn on and take first shot ability.

I like it a lot.


Macro mode doesn't change anything much, you can get practically the same close-ups with normal range focus.

If pixel peeping or printing large then stick to ISO 50 and use a heavy tripod and 2 second shutter delay.

"Fine" jpeg file size is unnecessary, the smaller Normal file is all you need. The smallest size Economy file is perfectly OK if only ever printing 4"x6".

The camera anti-shake may not be as effective as on some other cameras. More personal testing needed.

Much care is needed to keep fingers out of the frame, not so much a worry in daylight, but it's easy to miss seeing an intruding finger at night until it's too late.

I found that the wrist strap supplied was slightly too small to loop onto my wrist properly, so swapped one from my Ricoh pocket camera and now both are OK.

The cradle idea is a pain for me, I need to buy a (smaller) separate battery charger for travel.

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Casio Exilim EX-V8
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Announced: Aug 28, 2007
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