Samsung TL34HD (NV100HD) review

Started Feb 24, 2009 | User reviews
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Samsung TL34HD (NV100HD) review

Actually TL34HD was beyond my expectation because I didn't expect much on samsung compacts. Compared my panasonic FX55, there is pros and cons.

* Pros

Pleasant LCD quality

TL34HD's interface helps easy to select camera's function and it's responsive

Fast power-on and zooming time

Impressive auto white balance performance (much better than FX55)

Manual controls included, overall works well

Wide Autofocus range with touch AF system

Reasonable HD movie quality with good compression rate

* Cons

Slow continuous shooting

Poor Autofocus accuracy, especially in low light

Color noise in dark side can be problem even at low ISO, sometimes

Unimpressive image quality at high ISO ( Better than samsung's predecessors, but still not good )

Unimpressive battery life

Review interface is somewhat awkward

* Other things

Overall image quality is acceptible, actually better than FX55
but considered it's position and specification(premium compact, 14.7Mpx), IQ doesn't do it's job fully.

Default dynamic range is actually not so good, but it can be modified via some post-processing options.


There is a odd heating after taking some picture of the camera.

Samsung TL34HD (NV100HD)
15 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 102 mm (3.6×)
Announced: Jul 16, 2008
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