NOT waterproof, doesn't like salt water

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NOT waterproof, doesn't like salt water

Cool! I can give it less than a star! Thanks!

Anyways, I wanted this camera to work out and thought I did the research on the the TS3-4 line of cameras. I read every user review I could and watched and read lots of camera reviews here too.

Yes you can put it in your sink and it will work. However if you intend to scuba or snorkel with this understand that there are problems and they are not related to the battery door seal. Somewhere, somehow, this camera leaks. It seems to happen in salt water so something in the mic/speaker/buttons does not hold up to salt water for any length of time. If you go to Amazon comments for instance, you'll notice that there are a lot of failures and they all seem to happen in salt water. Snorkeling or diving, it makes no difference.

But the ABSOLUTE WORST thing about this camera is the Panasonic "customer service" department. They fix nothing .. they warranty nothing. If the camera ever leaks it's ALWAYS your fault, and they will tell you that, if you can ever talk to a real person there. I was entirely within the instructions for using the camera.

I have wasted my money, now it's your turn to see if you're smarter than I was.

The new Olympus, coming out in June looks promising, with an F2 lense too!


No matter how much you like the features (and I do) this unit leaks like a rusty bucket. This is the note I sent with the camera for "repair" ..
On my first dive with the camera what looked like frosting of the lense appeared in the middle of the screen. It was a small area, maybe 1/4" x 1". However there was no fog on the lense when I checked. Other than the foggy look in the middle of the screen the camera worked fine. However, later the screen flickered, showed the grid screen for a moment, and then went black.

After thinking about it, I continued to shoot with it while I was under water. I figured I had nothing to lose .. it either didn’t work anymore or it was just the screen that went out. Turns out happily, that was the case so I still got some pics.

I rinsed the camera once on the surface. Back at the hotel, after tamping and shaking it dry I laid the camera out, with the door open, to dry. I guess overnight, the lense and the flash area got completely covered with condensation. After a long time of drying (all day) it did clear out but it left a film because, I think, it was saltwater from where the screen leaked.

I had fully read all the info on the camera I could before my wife even bought it and I was fully aware of the precautions regarding the seal and the handling of the camera, so it had been getting kid glove treatment from the beginning. Please note that the seal did not leak and that the camera does take pictures.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 (Lumix DMC-FT4)
12 megapixels • 2.7 screen • 28 – 128 mm (4.6×)
Announced: Jan 31, 2012
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