The Camera that got me into Photography

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The Camera that got me into Photography

This is the camera that started it all for me. I've had other cameras before it (analog) and tried a couple of digital cameras (poor resolution and lens quality) until I got this camera as a graduation gift back in 2000.

Unlike the other digital cameras I used, this one had a lens that actually attributed to the quality instead of just being dead weight. That's thanks to it being designed by Carl Zeiss.

This won't be a big review as it's been covered by several reviews plus the very informative DPReview review so I'll make it short.

What I like:
Carl Zeis lens
5x zoom
Unique design with tripod mount under the lens
Good resolution (even though Sony jipped us on sensor size)
Good low light performance
External flash option
Excellent LCD screen
Manual settings

What I don't like:

No optical viewfinder
Uses Sony memory sticks (never liked them)
Poor battery life

In general:
I've used the camera for taking pictures of my friends and family and when I'm out and about. It gives you really good images even at 2.6mpx. (Megapixels aren't everything!) It gives you actually good night shots, thanks to the manual settings.

I still use this camera to this day (2012!) and it produces better images then many other more megapixelated digital cameras. Plus, that should show you how well this thing fairs when it comes to the test of time. I've taken thousands and thousands of pictures, beside the battery going bad (easy to find on ebay for cheap) due to age, I've not had one single problem with it.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F505V
3 megapixels • 2 screen • 38 – 190 mm (5×)
Announced: Apr 26, 2000
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