>>>>>> Voting C202 - My Monochrome Home Town

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FrankyM Senior Member • Posts: 2,275
>>>>>> Voting C202 - My Monochrome Home Town
OlyChamp Veteran Member • Posts: 4,451
Duty Duly Done & Dusted.
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The digital image is a dozen or so words
positioned carefully to paint a picture
that challenges the eye
and tricks the mind
into thinking, light is a title
and the palette a taste bud
worth tasting.

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Michael Ramsay Regular Member • Posts: 389
All my voting is done, there were some hard choices NT
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Michael Ramsay

Brad Ross Veteran Member • Posts: 7,927

And of course, I love black and white

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Brad Ross

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Brent Lossing Forum Pro • Posts: 10,397
voted both [nt]
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MercurySoft1 Forum Pro • Posts: 10,161
I've voted! Yeah!

That was such a great visit to your hometowns.  I enjoyed that.  We'll have to do that again in the future.  I've finally had enough time on my hands to enjoy the whole process of the challenges better.

Nice theme Frank and well run as always.

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Shirl Haden

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Art_P Veteran Member • Posts: 9,875

realizing I had some decent entries for the X... if I had had the time to look for them

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Art P
"I am a creature of contrast,
of light and shadow.
I live where the two play together,
I thrive on the conflict"

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Goffen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,299
Phew, made it ! /nt
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Trond Kleiveland Contributing Member • Posts: 598
Voted in both

Wow, this challenge went fast. Would have should have left more comments, sometimes it's just not possible.


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endika Senior Member • Posts: 1,748
Re: >>>>>> Voting C202 - My Monochrome Home Town

Voted. Just in time !

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OP FrankyM Senior Member • Posts: 2,275
OK, voting closing now

Results will be up shortly.

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