Your favorite Nikon camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

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Parry Johnson
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Re: Your favorite Nikon camera body for use with vintage manual focus lenses

I've used many Nikon film and digital cameras over the years.  Some of my vintage lenses are Nikon manual-focus lenses, but the majority are Tamron Adaptall-2 lenses.

My favorite film bodies would be the F90X for automation and the F2A for simplicity and ruggedness.

The digital cameras I use most are mirrorless because they allow me to adapt other mounts with few restrictions.  My Nikon 1 V3 works best with F-mount lenses with the FT1 adapter, and works well as a super-telephoto paparazzi stealth camera.  (My little Tamron 135mm f2.5 makes for a tiny 360mm combo that's great for candids at weddings or in any crowd.)

Then again, my Z7ii allows me to adapt anything.  I never fully appreciated my old Canon FL 58mm f1.2 lens until I could use it as it was designed for 35mm film cameras.  (I bought it long after switching from Canon FD to Nikon film bodies, and it was only so-so with the V3 and its 2.7X crop factor.)  Recently, my 24-70G got stuck on the FTZ adapter, and I luckily was able to finish a paid shoot with an old Pentax 35-105 f3.5, and with no real visible lack of quality.  Now how cool is that?

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