EOS R7 just too Much ... Change is Needed in My Workflow

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Re: EOS R7 just too Much ... Change is Needed in My Workflow

Robbey TC wrote:

Shooting birds at 30FPS sounds exciting and captures a lot in a little time.

C-Raw is my chosen quality level.

BUT having to sort through thousands of images at the end of a day long shoot is just too much for me and my laptop.

Workflow changes are called for ... trying to find a quick way of pixel peeping to conidently delete the also rans.

What are others using to sort the catch, please.?

Robbey TC

I use DPP to cull my images. The “Quick Check” tool is blazing fast and I can run through images as fast as I can hit the arrow keys (works in “magnify” mode too).

A tip for vetting your images in DPP: In the “Quick check window settings” set it to “Show original image.” It will render the images faster.

I select all of my images and then open them in “Quick Check.” I then check all of the images (at x1) for critical sharpness (just double-click the image to magnify). Use the left and right arrow keys to move through the images. Press the “ x “ key to mark an image for later deletion (it’ll say “Reject”). Or press one of the number keys to give it a Star rating (press “ 0 “ to clear ratings).

You just have to remember to click once somewhere inside the image (to re-enable these hot-keys) if you click on any of the buttons on the right side of the work area.

After you’re done in Quick Check, then return to the main window. Click Edit > Rating > Select rejected images only, and now you can delete all of the rejects. Voila! : D

After culling (and some rating) I then open in DxO Photolab for editing.  DxO pulls your star ratings from the EXIF, so you can be selective with the images to edit.


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