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Re: Have you tried Narrative Select?

Invanovich22 wrote:

Made total about 1250 photos yesterday.

Photo shoot consists of 49 scenes that i have taken outside and each scene has about 20-25 photos of model.

Total i get about 130 unique pictures, some of which are similar, but i want to have them all.

Initial culling using FastRawViewer took me about 1 hour to remove all pictures that were no good because image was out of focus etc it was about 288 photos culled.

The mechanics of culling process itself like rating and moving to _Rejected etc was pretty fast, however what took most time is that i had to look trough every photo to see facial expression and select ones i find the most appealing. Had to compare many pictures for same scene again and again.

Took me 11 more hours culling photos, is this about normal amount of time for this many photos or took way too long?

I'm not sure if this has been suggested already but have you tried Narrative Select ? I've just tried it on 200 images from an informal, family portrait session and it was really great at grading (incredibly quickly) the technical aspects of photographs - focus, whether eyes are open/shut, smiling etc - you can then tag images to reject/cull or to import into either LR or Capture One.

I must admit, I was really impressed by Narrative Select.

It's only available on MacOs. And at the moment, you get 6 projects per month for free (which is fine for me) - or it's available for unlimited projects for monthly sub.

I have no connection to the software - I saw it recently being reviewed on fStoppers.

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