Who uses the OOC JPG's ?

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Re: Who uses the OOC JPG's ?

Adrian Harris wrote:

I read so much here regarding the various pros and cons of one RAW converter versus another and with great interest.

However I find that probably more than 95% of the time, I am so please with the out of camera Olympus jpg files, that I usually end up using those to edit.

There are exceptions of course, but that's mainly either subject dependant, or dependant on how much I want to push the processing.

Why do I do it?

... Possibly because I am a little lazy at times, but the main reason is that in my opinion for very many subjects, the Olympus out of camera JPG's are so darn good.

An example being, car shows, car and motorbike racing, air shows, and many/most townscapes.

It's really only when I am trying to squeeze out the very last bit of feather detail that I am most concerned about RAW conversion.... Or if I have made a huge exposure error! ...oh and when I take astro.

Does anyone else here frequently use just the OOC JPG's when only a little tweaking is necessary?

Good for you  Adrian, I’m the same , if I get a well exposed jpg I am more than happy. I often find myself thinking that I could tweak a raw file a bit and get a bit more out of the image, but usually that’s because there is an issue with the image. When I absolutely nail  an exposure the jpg is more than good enough and TBH difficult to improve on.

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