"Net Noise" continuing the iso invariance discussion.

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"Net Noise" continuing the iso invariance discussion.

So we were having a good discussion about iso invariance:
ISO Invariance, why not?

And what came to light is there are quite a few versions of noise, which then lead to discussions of the cause of that noise, and then to discussions of is it really noise, etc...
In the end, all I really care about is "Net Noise"
Net Noise - The amount of noise left in the image when viewing or printing.

I want to know how different things affect it during capture like:

Exposure, Dynamic range, contrast, sensor saturation, light, etc...

I want to know what I can do to mitigate it:

Different sensors, Post processing techniques, including Denoisers, Flash, selecting better iso starting points (this is where a lot of the back and forth starts).

The need for various noise definitions depend on where you are in the photography sphere, designer of photography products, capturer of the image or just a viewer of the image.  I find SNR, beginning noise, noise floor, etc... things that I don't need when capturing an image.  As a capturer of images, what I found amazing was that my m43 camera sensors were producing no more noise than my FF sensor, yet the "net noise" in low light photos was unacceptable to me.  Crazy right?

But in the end the only noise I care about is net noise, what am I looking at in the final product.

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