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New negative conversion tool

Hi... first post.

So, I'm currently working on creating a new tool for negative conversion. I'm recently getting back into photography, after many years away, and will at some point be wanting to convert any negs I shoot, plus, I plan on going back and rescanning some old ones, but to higher quality.

As such, I started looking over options for scan and convert, and was struck by the somewhat varied options for conversion, and after picking over the details... decided to just create my own software for it.

The aim, is to produce a conversion that is very automated, and which produces as accurate an output to the "true" look of the film stock as possible.

Ofc, with various ideas flying round my head about best to do it, I've gone down this path before even getting as far as digging my old negs out from under the stairs, so atm, all my tests have been on various negative images I've dug up through google search... I've attached them to show the current state of conversion. Note... some of the examples do not have visible film borders (I've not cropped them out, they're just not present in the images I've gathered... getting an accurate result under such circumstances is one of the problems I'm trying to solve).
Be good to hear any feedback, input, etc... ad if anyone has neg scans they wanna post for me to run through the pipe as a test, I'd be most grateful to give 'em a try and see what you think of the output.

Hello again, and cheers.

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