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Re: Z9 IBIS works well with a 500mm lens

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Hi to all! Does anyone know if IBIS works with Sigma's OS? I know that in F mount OEM native VR lenses, IBIS is offering +1 axis of stabilization. Does this +1 extra axis works with the Sigma's OS system or not? If you do not know, have you seen increased OS performance with IBIS on or not?

I have no definitive information on that one way or the other. It's probable that it works as well as any other adapted 500mm lens (eg the Nikon 500mm FL E) - and that is probably almost no effect.

Nikon seem to regard IBIS as effective for lenses upto a focal length of about 120mm but not much beyond that. I don't really expect IBIS to do much for a 500mm lens - the lens VR does probably 99% of the work. It occurs to me that I could try my old 500mm F4 P lens (manual focus, no VR) and see if IBIS can be activated and if it does anything useful for that focal length - but I would not expect much. I'll probably give that a try just for fun!


I just did a brief test of the Z9 IBIS using my good old manual focus 500mm F4 P lens. With IBIS switched off as I expected I was getting very blurry hand-held shots at lowish shutter speeds and

With IBIS Switched on - image stabilisation was immediately evident in the viewfinder and i was easily able to get sharp images, hand-held, at at least down to 1/60th sec shutter speed!

This is way better than I was expecting for IBIS with a 500mm lens. and is quite exciting. In fact I'm amazed!

I expect therefore that the IBIS system will be working alongside the VR with the Sigma - although this is more difficult to test because I think in this situation the camera may rely on the lens VR to do the image stabilisation "heavy lifting" - but I don't know. I'll be interested to try some more tests on this when I have nothing better to do!


Is your old lens a non VR one? Couldn't you test the Sigma with OS off / IBIS on? Wouldn't that show you if IBIS is adding +1 axis of stabilization?

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