Bevis Gear Top Shelf Bag

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Re: Bevis Gear Top Shelf Bag

Thanks for sharing how you've set up the compartments.

I've had to try a variety of arrangements, I'm mostly happy with how I have it setup now. However, with the overhang from the flip open lid around the edege, I do find getting items out from those areas (notably the two lenses bottom left and bottom right in the photo) fiddly and not that quick or smooth. I wonder if that will become easier with use as the edges soften over time making it easier to move items in and out?

The orange item in my photo is my collasable cofee mug. I usualy tuck my extra camera batteries in there too.

My flash fits in where my pac-a-mac is in this photo, so for indoor events I'd pack that there instead, and a MagMod modifier would go where the orange coffee mug is.
Filters and spare memory cards go in the front pockets.

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